Potter's Hand Poetry
Father, You are the potter, I am the clay

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Mary's Testimony ~ How it all got started.....

In January 2010, it was as if God had gotten a cup full of writing potion and poured it into my life. Another example that comes to mind is how he formed Adam by breathing life into his nostrils. Genesis 2:7 Maybe this is why He gave me the poem Breathed this gift into Me....for My Father Above.

I have been praying that God would allow me to work for Him instead of man and let me tell you, He is an awesome manager!

The doors began to close on my almost 20 year career in the consumer goods industry as a Key Account Manager. It was an "unofficial restructure" and I was targeted. I fought and fought God at the beginning because in all honesty I did not want to let go of what I was comfortable knowing which was sales and the salary that came along with it.

After becoming physically exhausted and mentally drained, I finally decided to lay it at God's feet. I let Him do the rest. I knew at the end, God had something so much bigger in store for me and why would I fight the opportunity to work full time for God...am I crazy? He will and has provided all of our family needs and slowly taking away any unnecessary wants in my life. My husband, Mark, has been such a big supporter because through God's peace given to him ~ He believes in me.

God gave me the idea to start writing poetry for people's special occasions and let Him do the rest. As with any project I start, I like a name for it so I can identify it more personally so I gladly accepted God's idea and prayed about His name for the business.

One Sunday morning He gave me the name Potter's Hand Poetry as I pondered why? He gently spoke and said, "I am the potter, you are the clay and I am forming you into what I want you to become" and every poem is written by Him ~ I am just the vessel to do so. Perfect!

I hope you can enjoy some quotes from people who have received a poem for their special occasion or just because someone wanted them to know how much they are loved. It is serving its purpose in that "if someone can be touched or inspired by the poem and mostly, if someone can know Jesus as their Personal Savior then it served its purpose and then some" I have some other ministries that I am pursuing as well to include a book I am writing on my Mom's life as she was born and raised in Guatemala, Central America and came to America in a very abusive relationship and today at almost 70 years of age she travels to Guatemala two times a year to do mission work at a mission God gave her to start in a literal dream over 20 years ago. I am currently writing new poems in hopes of publishing Potter's Hand Poetry II in the near future. Too, I am expanding my writing abilities with a murder mystery, Delta Heat. Too, I am diligently working to get Footsteps of Faith, Hope, and Love published which is the non-fiction book on my Mom's life journey and starting a mission in her home country of Guatemala.

Potters Hand Poetry by Mary D. Wasson

About the book: In Jeremiah 29:11 God says, "For I know the plans I have for you-plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Inspired through her quiet times alone with God as well as life's everyday trials and triumphs, Author Mary D. Wasson has penned a collection of poetry that will humble you, move you, encourage you, and remind you that in all things and at all times, your heavenly Father (the Potter) is molding you (the clay) into His masterpiece.

About the Author: Reared by a single, Christian, Guatemalan mother, author Mary D. Wasson's childhood was characterized by a strong Christian influence. In her teens, her mother married a man whom Mary considers her real father. Following her college graduation and an almost twenty-year career, God breathed into Mary's life the gift of writing. In addition to the poetic expressions of love for her heavenly Father found here in The Potter's Hand Poetry, Mary is also writing a book about her mother's life-particularly, her founding of a mission in Guatemala with which Mary and her family are actively involved. Mary D. Wasson lives in Hernando, Mississippi, with her husband, Mark, and their children, Ethan and Mia Faith.

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With Potter's Hand Poetry, I hope you can savor and share the writings the Lord has given me to share with you.

Thank you for visiting the website and I hope I have a part in touching someone special to you through this gift of writing poetry.

Allow the Potter's Hand to give you your own special poem.......

The clay He is forming,

Love, Mary

P.S. Hope you enjoy some photos of my family and myself.

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